Three: Starting Growing Cannabis – Are You Ready?

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Starting your cannabis or marijuana grow opperation, starting to grow pot

So, now we have covered the basics. The steps we will go through and the things we will need. We even took a quick look at the cost of each different way to grow. This post will focus on me planning, budgeting, and getting ready to start growing cannabis!

My Plan

My plan is pretty simple. My bedroom door locks and we have hard wood floors. I will be growing my plant or plants (I think by the end I will only have one) tucked away in the far corner, out of sight of my bedroom door and locked away from any person or animal (CATS!) that may be harmed. I have the area preped and ready to start growing cannabis.

I have chosen to use cheap plastic pots with water trays to catch any runoff, for starting to grow my cannabis in. I plan to grow in a cheap soil that has no real nutrients but it is neutral on the pH scale. I am using earth juice fertilizers for both the vegetative and flowering stages of the plant. Though when starting growing cannabis you do not want to use the nutrients until they are bigger.

I bought a pH and nutrient soil tester so I can fix imbalances before they affect the plant. I will be using a CFL light for my plants. Something I will be trying to cut my cost down is hooking up my light to a deep cycle battery for power, though this may not work.

My Cost

My cost is going to be pretty cheap. No it is not going to be the bottom of the scale in price, but it will give you a good idea of cost. I am also adding an unnecessary cost in the deep cycle battery for trying to cut out my PG&E bill. If it doesn’t work, then I take the hit. IF it does happen to work, then my electricity cost will become zero.

  • Starting with a probable increase on my electric bill of 15-30 dollars a month x probably four months (if the deep cycle battery doesn’t work). $120
  • the light costs $15
  • the pots cost $3
  • the trays cost $4
  • The nutrients costed ~$50
  • pH testing kit costed ~$25
  • Deep cycle battery costed ~$150
  • Soil cost ~$10
  • Seeds (if I was buying) ~$150

My total budget for this particular time trying to grow will be $537 give or take. Not a large budget, but not a small one either. I may move somethings around and find a way to make some things cheaper as I go along.

Starting your cannabis or marijuana grow opperation, starting to grow pot, the cost

Seed vs. Clone

This is a debate for more experienced growers than me. From what I learned through experience, seeds are a lot easier to take care of for a first time grower than clones. There are several ways to germinate seeds and care for them. Not saying seeds don’t have their own problems. Like the fact that you could get a male plant just as likely as you can get a female. But for the first time grower seeds can be a little more forgiving than clones.

Fresh clones take a lot of care to keep them alive and healthy until they can support themselves. Transplant shock happens for all plants, but on clones it can be much harder. The roots are brand new and the stem is still no more than a thin small branch that was cut from a much larger plant. So for the sake of my first time growing I will be using seeds.

Obtaining My Supplies

Several of the things I need I have already bought. I have my pH testing kit, my nutrients, and my deep cycle battery. I will be buying my light, pots, trays, and soil from somewhere like Home Depot or Lowe’s (maybe even Walmart for the soil). The only thing I seem to be missing is seeds. You can obtain seeds online through many reputable dealers.

Here are a few reputable sites for good cannabis seeds. Remember to check with your local laws to make sure you are not breaking them. Maybe you know someone though. Maybe they gave you some seeds from last year and you want to try them. There is nothing wrong with that. If you already have seeds, then you are a head of the game.

Me. I have seeds from several people I have come across through the years. I will be using some seeds that I have on hand for this first grow. This already cuts down on my cost for growing because I do not have to spend a large chunk of change on seeds or clones.

Starting your cannabis or marijuana grow opperation, starting to grow pot, seed vs. clone

Setting up.

I won’t be germinating my seeds with any special method. I am a little more simple than that. Maybe on my next “first time” grow on another setup like outdoor or hydroponic I will attempt one of these germinating techniques. I will list them though so you can decide what will work for you.

  • Moist paper towel method – Wet two paper towels (preferably unbleached) and put them on a plate. Put your seeds between the paper towels so that they stay moist. Leave in a warm place and keep warm until you see sprouts.
  • Glass of Water Soak method – Soak extra hard or older seeds in a cup of slightly warm water overnight. This will wake up older seeds and help hard seeds break open allowing the plant to grow.
  • Starter Cubes or Plugs – Hydroponic systems tend to use rock wool cubes. Simply put the seed in the given hole, soak the starter cube with water and let the seed grow.
  • Planting directly into the medium – Plant the seed one knuckle below the surface, cover, water until moist but not over wet, and let grow

I will be doing the direct planting method. I am doing this because it is less shock on the plants during transplant to have a firm root ball to move with. Small clones and starter cube seedlings can be extremely fragile during the transplant phase to their final home.


The main goal is to keep cost down at this stage. Planning the bare essentials and what you might need to get a little extra of to start out with. Plan with not just the goal in mind but the work it is going to take to get there. It is a lot easier to start out with two to six plants than to try to start a grow of fifty going right off.

Remember the things that will determine your grow. The place or space you have to work with, the money you have on hand, the time and effort you have to put into taking care of the plants. Take your time and do not just rush into your first grow. It will just drain you of money and make you look like a fool. Do your research and plan to succeed!







  • Ronnie Jordan says:

    I remember years ago I tried to grow a plant with no equipment. I grew but had no substance. These days are people growing it as simply a hobby or passion like a person would grow regular house plants? Is it legal to do so or is there repercussions behind it. I think they are cool looking plants if you ask me.

    • It depends on who you are as a grower. If I had to call it anything for myself, it would be a hobby. For my father it has been a hobby for many years. But for more people that I know it has been more of a “get rich quick scheme” and that is where it gets illegal more often than not. The laws for growing and possessing marijuana depend on the state, county, and town you live in. Federally it is still technically illegal but enforcement has only happened when the operation strays outside of the laws for the area the grow is located in. If you look at the site you will see the link “Legalization of Marijuana by Country”; soon I will be adding another page like this for the states here in the U.S. and their laws.

  • ariel says:

    Hello! I really like how you are doing this step by step. It makes it so easy to follow and then replicate. And I am really appreciative of how you talk about starting slow. Are you expecting any problems to particularly look out for? When do you know that it is not germinating? ariel

    • I am planning to go into germination in an individual post because I think it is that important. Simple answer is, you wont know if the germination is happening in soil until you see a sprout, like any other plant. In the particular germination techniques (i.e. towel germination) you will see the sprout break the seed as germination happens. I do not really want to talk too in depth on problems in response to a comment, only because this issue has such a broad spectrum that I will probably have several posts on things that could go wrong, problems that may occur, or mistakes that I may have made.

  • Alex says:

    This was a wonderful article. I enjoyed that you laid out everything that needs to be done from the beginning to the end. I never heard about the distilled water in the glass cup before. That is new to me for germinating seeds. I will have to try it out.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  • John says:

    Back in the day my brother in law was very good at growing his own cannabis. This was way before it was legal, it is still against the law where I live now. Some of the steps you have provided were the same steps my brother in law used, they work well.

    • Thank you for letting me know that it wasn’t just the growers I grew up with!. I grew up in California, where it was illegal for even most medicinal grows. I cannot tell you if the growers I worked for at the time were “within the laws” or not. I just know some deputies would come to the property and then leave again. Only once did a grower I worked for have their crops pulled. At that time there was no protection on the plants for medicinal use so they could pull the plants instead of just holding them.

  • Michelle says:

    Great info, Brittanney. You have outlined all I need to know if I wanted to start seeding this plant. Though in my neck of the woods, its a no-no.
    All the best and keep writing, great website.

  • Sounds like you have a solid plan and with the laws that are evolving, you could be the first millionaire that I have met. Seriously though, with the need for the oils and products it can do to help people with Cancer or other illnesses, I am glad that they will have alternatives in handling their conditions. I am sure with great planning, great results follow.

    • Thank you, Xavier, for stopping by. I most definitely will not be the first millionaire in this field. There are plenty of people I know making money I could only wish to have by doing these things. Right now, I am just hoping to catch up to them.

      I am happy that the truth is starting to come out in such a way that it can’t be ignored anymore. There are so many that need this medicine. And we are still discovering how important it is to our bodies.